Brand thieves on the back foot as easyGroup wins infringement case

easyGroup UK Logo

easyGroup is pleased to announce another successful win by easyGroup in its fight against brand thieves, this time against UK company Easy Hotel WiFi Limited who was advertising its services as a supplier to hotels of Wi-Fi system under the name EASY Hotel Wi-Fi.

Following proceedings issued in the UK High Court the Court has confirmed that Easy Hotel WiFi Limited was held to infringe easyGroup’s trade mark rights in EASYHOTEL, EASY and EASYNETWORKS and has been has ordered to

  1. Cease and desist all use of EASY HOTEL WI-FI;
  2. Transfer the domain name to easyGroup;
  3. Change its company name;
  4. Destroy or deliver up all infringing materials;
  5. Disclose sales and profit figures to enable easyGroup to calculate damages; and
  6. Pay easyGroup its legal costs.

This is yet another illustration of how easyGroup will not hesitate to take action against individuals that use the easy brand without easyGroup’s consent.