Brand thieves on the back foot as easyGroup wins infringement case

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easyGroup is pleased to report that another brand thief has been ordered by the UK High Court to cease and desist from infringing easyGroup’s trade marks. Mr Mohammed Adil Saleem and his company, Easy Car Credit Limited, was selling and providing finance for second hand cars under the name easyCar Credit from various locations in Halifax and online. The UK High Court confirmed that the use of ‘Easy Car Credit’ constituted an infringement under s.10(2) of the Trade Marks Act and has ordered Mr Saleem to

  1. Cease and desist all such use;
  2. Transfer the domain name to easyGroup;
  3. Change his company name;
  4. Destroy all such infringing signs and marketing;
  5. Publish the decision in three national newspapers;
  6. Disclose sales and profit figures to enable easyGroup to calculate damages; and
  7. Pay easyGroup its legal costs.

This is a further illustration of how easyGroup will not hesitate to take action against individuals that use the easy brand without easyGroup’s consent.