“Pitch it easy” competition winners

“Pitch it easy” – an entrepreneurial competition backed by City University and Sir Stelios’ easyGroup www.easy.co.uk ,

An announcement of competition winners had been scheduled for 21st April 2020 at easyGroup’s easyHub Chelsea (the easy family of brands start-up incubator). However due to the Covid restrictions the event had to be cancelled with an online announcement postponed until today – 15th September 2020

The start-up competition received 72 applications in total from a variety of inspiring entrepreneurs with brilliant and thought-provoking ideas. And City University and easyGroup would like to thank all the applicants for their time, effort and dedication to entrepreneurship.

easyGroup will give a total of £20,000 by way of cash prizes, (£10,000 for the overall winner, with five others taking £2,000 each). In addition, Sir Stelios will invite each of the winners to join the easy family of brands after the signing of a royalty/licence agreement. The possible easy brand to be used by each winner is mentioned after the description of each business model.

The winners are:

In first place (£10,000) Ludovico Tessari’s Unicorn Electrics (www.unicornelectrics.com). Unicorn offers a fully-serviced bespoke e-bike network to tourist attractions, hotels and other resorts or towns via a subscription model. The bikes can be rented directly by consumers downloading the Unicorn X Cities app www.Easyebikes.travel

A £2,000 grant goes to Manoi Varsani’s Hammock (www.usehammock.com). Hammock is a web application that helps landlords maximize their profits while at the same time tracking their income, and expenses with the minimum of effort. www.EasyLandlord.eu

A £2,000 grant goes to Matti Fischer’s Careloop (www.careloop.io). Careloop is a B2B/B2C online job platform for care service providers that matches demand and supply of both nursing and ancillary staff. www.Easyjobs.com

A £2,000 grant goes to Yamin Miah’s Bubble Mind (www.bubble-mind.co.uk). Bubblemind is an application that helps calm autistic children in the classroom without pharmacological intervention. It uses colours, sounds and touch that helps sooth sufferers, allowing them to remain in the classroom without disturbing their fellows. www.Easy-mind.biz

A £2,000 grant goes to Rodrigo Camino’s Lonbrella (www.lonbrella.co.uk). Lonbrella is an umbrella sharing/ renting system in London offering a reliable network of eco-friendly and elegant umbrellas located in both public and private premises. www.EasyUmbrella.net

A £2,000 grant goes to Olukunle Kayode’s Statmetrix (www.statmetrix.co). Statmetrix automates performance analysis of football players using video and data. The application of AI allows coaching staff to give personalized feedback to each player and observe performance trends, allowing them to understand and condition their training needs. www.Easysports.app